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Joint labor archive of the Ivankiv district

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History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

Due to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 25.05.1998 р. № 470 “About order of state registration of entrepreneurs” the entrepreneurs after cancellation of state registration were obligated to submit the certificate about submission of documents which had to be taken to the long-term storage. In connection with this in Ivankiv district after the liquidation of enterprises the document from the personnel partly were taken to the storage to the archive of Ivankiv district administration.

For centralized temporary storage of archival documents which were accumulated during documentation of official, labor or any others legal relations of corporations and individuals on the territory of district  and others archival documents which were not belong to National archival fund it was necessary to create a Labor archive. Based on resolution of State Archive of Ukraine from 20.05.2004 р. № 58 “About confirmation exemplary position of Labor archive” to protect social and legal interests of citizens of Ivankiv district by the decision of the Ivankiv district council session from  17.08.2007 № V-11/ 208 municipal institution «Ivankiv district Labor archive» was created.  was Skrypchenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych appointed as a director of the institution.

Financing costs is at the expense of local budget and at money that are got from scientific and technical processing and storage of archival documents.

The powers of the Archive are next:

Reception documents from personnel, financiak and economic activity and other documents which term has not expired from enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Storage of documents from personnel and documents with temporary storage life from enterprises, institutions and organizations  according to form of ownership and submission, which are located on the district territory or liquidates institutions which were located (were registater) in the district.

Organization of use of documents for official, social and legal, scientific and other purposes, issuang certificates to entities and sitizens due to established procedure for issuing archival certificates, copies and extracts from document that are on the storage.

Municipal institution "Ivankiv disctrict Labor archive" is subordinated to the head of Ivankiv district council and to the State archive of Kyiv region

Skrypchenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych had been appointed to the post of the head of Labor archive due to the order of the head of the Ivankiv district council 28.09.2007 №124

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